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it’s 2am and i’m crying because Tyelpe






Hearken to me, ye Silmarillion Fandom! Celebrimbor is the wraith in Shadows of Middle-Earth! I am sorry tyelpings but I am very much in agreement at least with that sexy voice of his!

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today my blog is full of Maedhros and nothing could feel better than this 


Silmarillion mood boards (3/?)

"Give yourself permission to immediately walk away from anything that gives you bad vibes. There is no need to explain or make sense of it. Just trust what you feel."
--Should’ve listened to this a while ago.  (via fawuhn)


Maedhros in his outdoor clothes.Thank you for reminding me, anon.


Moryo, don’t pull big bro’s hair. And it is not to eat either~

OK, I’ll just accept that my place in this fandom is to make fluffy feanorians. Have a big brother Maedhros honing his fosterparenting skills with grumpy baby Caranthir. After 6 little brothers you can only expecting A+ father material.

Haha indeed you’re not, this is SO CUTE AAHHHH. Exactly what I had on my mind by saying that your feanorian art keeps me alive. :D <3

Throughout their existence, Elves have been masters of making and using weapons and arms … Even more renowned is the Elven skill at using their fine weapons, be it bow or blade.


i have two more designs but they’re unfinished and i’m impatient.






noldor battle cries uwu

Headcanon time: I always thought that the Fëanorians, before any battle, would tell each other (to their closest friends and companions) “tenn’ ambar-metta”, that is “unto the world’s end”. A reminder of their loyalty to each other, no matter what.

Some of them hesitated to say it, before the Third Kinslaying.

The first was Fëanor, while brandishing his sword in the darkness under the stars, to urge his sons on the march against the foe.

Under the sun Maglor reminded them to his brothers, when everything seemed meaningless, when these words were the only ones left to lead him.

Then Maedhros said the words to encourage his people, while the Fifth Battle surrounded them and all the hope seemed to be lost; he spoke with all the confidence he managed to find, trying to keep seeing the victory through the corpses left on the ground.

Celegorm whispered them in Curufin’s ear, because he had to remember that no friendship with no king could distract them from what they had sworn. And Curufin repeated them when Huan flown away, and something seemed to break inside his brother.

And after it was Amrod’s turn, the only one who had the heart to say that again, while the sun was setting over the Mouths of Sirion, because Caranthir, who yelled the words in the emptiness of the Halls of Menegroth, was there no more.

And then it was Maedhros again, who reminded them to Maglor, while his brother hesitated for the first and last time: it was their Oath, their Doom; there were no other choices anymore, and no other people to hear.

And in the very end it was Maglor alone, whispering the words, which had a completely different taste in his mouth, which eventually meant a completely different thing, almost soundless under the roaring of the waves.

im at page 5 and i already liked 348758 posts you are one quality feanorian bitch

why are you so obsessed with me

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